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Dr. Peter M. Kadile


Receive Exclusive Medical Services at your Home, Hotel or Office

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When you're feeling sick, one of the last things you want to do is travel to a crowded office where you may have to wait for long periods. Fortunately, you can count on our highly qualified doctor to come directly to you for a helpful visit or you can come in to our office.


Dr. Peter Kadile is dedicated to delivering excellent and reliable medical care for all

of his patients. At Desert House Call Physicians, our doctor is available for both house calls and simple in-office visits without wait times and long visits. Hospice services are available through Serenity Hospice.

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Dr. Kadile is a board certified family physician qualified to take care of patients of all ages, providing general primary care and preventive medicine. Being trained as an osteopath, he believes in treating the "whole person".

Dr. Kadile has a unique medical practice.


Now a days, the doctor patient encounter has become impersonal, time limited and restrictive. It is not uncommon for a patient to wait an hour or more in a physicians waiting room or maybe have to wait a month to get an appointment.


Dr. Kadile has a unique medical practice. He offers house calls in addition to office appointments. Same day appointments are generally available with minimal wait time. Dr. Kadile may spend up to an hour per appointment to listen to all your concerns and address your questions in addition to a thorough medical exam. If laboratory evaluation is needed, it can be draw at the office at your convenience. His type of medical practice is sometimes referred to as "concierge" or "boutique".